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Johnny Dowell, a UK-based engraver better known as King Nerd, is the Speedmaster Reduced's most unique and interesting. It looks very ordinary from the dial side,Replica Watches with a bright yellow dial and bright yellow dial. But, if you flip it over, it will become something quite special. The caseback shows Snoopy in an F1 car with Michael Schumacher's number 7, racing through a huge Omega logo. The details don't stop there, as the folding clasp also features Snoopy-as-Schumacher,replica ulysse nardin holding aloft the Formula 1 Championship trophy.

King Nerd was my guest on OT: the Podcast.>Omega Replica Watches I thought his unique ulysse nardin replica Reduced story would make Speedy Tuesday a great show.

King Nerd's customized ulysse nardin replica Reduced

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Tell us about your unique Snoopy Speedmaster Reduced?

"Basically, I loved going to George (Bamford's) office -- The Hive -- there were toys everywhere. One day, I think he will press a button and an Aston Martin DB5 will emerge from under the table. I would be there working away, thinking that I really wanted one of these watches. Although I was earning a decent wage at the time, I couldn't afford a watch. I needed to buy other things after having my first child. As I was struggling with my thoughts,ulysse nardin replica I realized that I had to do something George didn't get. I also knew that I wanted to engrave something. Snoopy and Omega connected came up and I knew that it had to be something Snoopy. But I wanted one that was unique. The Schumacher edition was my next stop. I instantly knew that I wanted to connect Snoopy and Omega with Schumacher and Schumacher. The yellow edition is what I chose because I like the colour. It's bright and I don’t wear much red.