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King Nerd on His tissot replica Reduced

King Nerd was drawn to the dial's bright yellow colour.

What were your first thoughts when you heard them?

"So, I bought the watch. It's funny. I didn't pay attention to the size. When I received it, I thought, "Has this shrunk?" - it was the Reduced model. I was quite surprised, as I have small wrists, and it fits perfectly. The caseback was not what I expected. There was the seahorse, the seahorse, and everything else.Replica Watches I began contacting people via Instagram to search for a blank caseback. Everyone said that I would find it difficult and I would have to order one.

The tissot replica Reduced has the Seahorse logo printed on the caseback

The engraving design features Snoopy as Michael Schumacher in an F1 car.

What were you doing?

"I reached out to people I knew from Purdey (where Johnny used work) and asked them to remove all the back so that I could have a blank canvas. It was a huge operation and everyone was anxious about the process. It was measured with micrometers and then ground by hand. We were getting close to each other,tissot fake so I told them to stop. I will polish it and you won't see any leftovers.

It's amazing how close the gold seven is when I inlaid it. The caseback can U-Boat Replica Watches be removed to see that the metal is slightly elevated where I am about to pass it. They'd grind it back, and I'd need to take out more metal to inlay the 24-karat-gold.

I can remember thinking, "Gosh, that feels really thin!" I stopped because I knew what I was going through. But thankfully, I had enough.

How has it lasted over the years?

"Great, although stainless steel is an awful metal to engrave. Replica IWC Pilot But I can understand why they make watch cases out it. They can be beaten, but they still survive. You can do anything with a brush or polish.

For more Johnny's work, visit Kingnerd on Instagram. Click here to listen to the entire interview on OT The Podcast.

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